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Hi. I'm Carmen.  I'm a Certified Life Coach specializing in divorce grief and recovery, and the author of the book “Piecing Your Heart Back Together, the Roadmap to Healing and Thriving After a Breakup or Divorce.”

I am not a therapist, lawyer, or financial advisor.  I am here for your emotional journey  -Your guide to the other side. 


Since going through my own divorce journey, where I experienced such deep heartbreak and grief that I thought it would kill me, my passion has become to help women take back control of their lives after heartbreak from divorce.


Through my experiences, I have come realize that for many people to truly overcome the pain from divorce, they need more than just conventional therapy. So I am here to offer that to you. 


I became certified as a Life Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. And have been on the divorce journey for over a decade with friends, family, and clients.


Ready to get started? 


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