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Life Coach Professional

Certified LOA Life Coach

I have been helping clients become empowered and crush obstacles that have been holding them back from finding true love and fulfilling their dreams. Let me help you find your beautiful authentic self & together, lets develop ways to break old patterns that are holding you back from being your most amazing self.


     Most frequently, I help people:

  ~ Heal & thrive after their break ups or divorce

  ~ Release negative energy & emotions 

  ~ Learn to love themselves more and help grow their self-esteem

  ~ Recognize repeating patterns that are causing them to attract the same toxic relationships 

  ~ Get over their exes for good

  ~ Decide whether or not they should stay in or leave their relationship

  ~ Get clarity on matters the are keeping them stuck in unwanted scenarios

  ~ Recognize their own behavior that is sabotaging their growth



"Yes!!!! If you are having trouble getting over your ex, please do yourself a favor and work with Carmen.

I was stuck. I was paralyzed. I thought I was destined to hurt and obsess over my ex girlfriend for the rest of my life and I realized I was the reason I was not moving on and feeling better. The steps she takes you through and the tools you gain are for life. I feel like I have a much healthier outlook on relationships and look forward to meeting the love of my life now. Thank you Carmen!"

~Derick Brusch, NY

"I really can't put into words how much Carmen has helped me change my life.  Not only did she

help me work through the pain while getting divorced, but she helped me see things is such a way that I had never ever seen before. I actually understand how relationships are lessons now. I feel free and empowered! I am forever grateful to her."


~Amy Scottland, San Diego CA 

"Carmen has given me an outlet where I can be myself. No matter how embarrassed I

feel to discuss certain things, I can feel that there is zero judgement on our sessions. This has allowed me to speak freely and release so much toxic and negative energy that has been holding me back & that I've been carrying about my ex- girlfriend  for years. I never thought I would be able to date again, never mind actually love again. I am free!

I am truly grateful for our time together."


~Michael Jennings - OH

"Through my coaching sessions with Carmen I’ve learned to recognize thoughts that are not serving my soul and how to change those thoughts by using certain techniques. 

My confidence within myself has changed drastically, I’m learning to trust my intuition and act on it. I’ve learned what speaks from your soul is truly who you are, and to embrace what fills your heart with joy.  For the first time in a very very long time I am excited for my future and this journey we call life. I am consumed with gratitude and appreciation for each and every moment I experience daily. Carmen has changed my life in the best way imaginable, I am forever grateful to be on this path and excited to continue to grow and achieve all my heart desires!! "


~Jolina Nevolo, NJ


"I have been working with Carmen for over a year now and the changes I have seen in myself and my outer world have been amazing.  Since starting with her I have grown more confident in myself and my decisions and have learned how to listen to my intuition and guidance. She has given me the tools to change my limiting beliefs and continues to work with me to help me manifest my dreams. I have worked with her on many different areas of my life and can't wait to see how she helps me to grow and develop more. My life would not be the same if I wasn't working with Carmen.  I can't thank her enough." 


-Tammy Hall, VA

"I was struggling to pick up the pieces of what remained of my chaotic life after I moved away to a new state and began a new job. At that time I didn’t realized that all I did was change my address but I was still the same. So after hitting rock bottom again I desperately joined AA to help me with my alcohol addiction that was slowly destroying my life. I shortly began working with Carmen as my Life Coach and she has helped change my life. I know you get what you put into it, but Carmen’s approach to looking within yourself really opens you up to channel your feelings so you can begin to heal. She truly connects with you in such a way that it feels like you are one energy it is indescribable. I look at life with so much gratitude and grace because of her help and patience leading me out of the dark. It has truly been mind blowing journey and with her guidance and outlook. I am becoming the person I was meant to be.

    Thank you Carmen."

- Jackie Ortiz -FL

"Carmen has a wonderful gentle and intuitive nature that really guided me to feel safe & open to face & talk through clarity. I'm thankful for our time together."


~ Geraldine Logan, OH

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